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Keyword Tags & Search Engine Optimization

In today’s market, you will need to use every privilege given to you to promote your business or get more customers. This can be done with the help of modern technology. Also, it is very important to know how to use search engines. They are very useful in bringing traffic…
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The walls of the China Great Firewall

When Google first started in 1998 the Chinese government blocked almost all access to the internet. It remained for several years, and even when the PRC allowed a few opening headers in 2005, the wall continued to Grow.
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Keywords Are Like the aids and the spiders!

When I first began blogging I was just like everyone else, clueless as to how blogging worked. I had very little idea that keywords were important. Then I found out. I set up a blog the next day and wondered to myself “What do I put in the tags”? Tags…
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SEO Site Quality – But It’s Not My Job!

Merely setting up an SEO website and submitting the URL to be spidered by the search engines does not guarantee traffic, nor does it mean that the URL is indexed by the engines. Many clients have a misconception that SEO site quality – that is, how well the site ranks…
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SEO and Filled Landing Pages

By definition, a landing page is a page that is, or should be, a temporary support tool. Meaning its purpose is to provide some sort of product or service that site visitors can use to continue finding products and services from you going forward. Online marketing experts sometimes call these…
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Keyword Research in Search Engine Optimization

If you want to create a website that will bring you money and targeted traffic, your first need for business is to understand keywords. Keywords are the terms that people use to search for information on the internet.
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What You Need to Know About SEO

Optimizing your website for search engines is done to achieve top rankings from the search engines whenever one searches for a particular word or phrase. This is one way to get free traffic and customers – yet it is often overlooked how powerful and beneficial a presence on the web…
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SEO – Go it Alone Or Hire Help

For any company that wants to increase the reach of their web site to as many target consumers as possible, marketing becomes a necessity. Marketing comes in many forms, and one of the most popular is search engine optimization. So, if you decided to SEO your website alone, this is…
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SEO Marketing – Points to Remember

SEO marketing is a broad term that encompasses not just one technique but many. If you are new to the SEO industry, the whole term can be overwhelming. It seems like there is so much to learn already!